London Wedding Photographer

As a London wedding photographer, I find beauty in big and small moments. That’s my passion.

When you choose me, all you need to worry about is having fun. Enjoy the elegance of your wedding. Enjoy your friends and family. Enjoy a day that’s uniquely yours. I’ll be there in the background, capturing it all, or stepping forward to help out whenever I'm needed. And soon afterwards you’ll be able to hold those evocative photographic memories in your hands.

Unlike other wedding photographers you many find, I’m extremely easy to work with. It’s my job to make sure you look gorgeous in the best possible light, and not stress you out. Your photographs will look effortlessly stylish, naturally elegant and timelessly poignant.

I always consider it a privilege to witness a wedding couple’s special day.

Please explore my blog and portfolio. You’ll get a small glimpse into some of my recent weddings. Remember, this is just a small sample. If you like my style or have any questions, fill out the contact form below.

And I’ve got experience you can trust. I’m a proud member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA) and the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (AG|WPJA).

I’m based in London and mainly photograph London weddings and weddings in the UK. But I happily travel to other destinations as and when required.



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A selection of my recent wedding and pre-wedding shoots. Click on an item to see the whole shoot.

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    Helen & Adam Get Married At Farm Street Church
  • anemptytextlline
    John & Violeta. A Lovely London Wedding.
  • anemptytextlline
    Caroline Gardens Chapel Wedding
  • anemptytextlline
    D + J's London Wedding
  • anemptytextlline
    Farm St. Church Winter Wedding
  • anemptytextlline
    Camden Engagement Shoot
  • anemptytextlline
    A + J Get Married at Kensington Temple Church
  • anemptytextlline
    G & Z at the Pergola in Hampstead
  • anemptytextlline
    St Pancras Hotel Wedding
  • anemptytextlline
    Shoreditch Shoot

Kind Words


Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style of wedding photography?

My way of working is to be a keen observer at your wedding, anticipating special moments and photographing them in the best available light. Sometimes I’ll be working in the background and you won’t even notice me, but at other times I’ll be right there in the middle of the action – whatever it takes to document the day as it unfolds. This style of wedding photography is known as “documentary  wedding photography” or “reportage wedding photography”.

But that only describes one side of my style. The other side is little harder to explain. It involves getting a feeling for what’s going on around me being in the moment .. getting my thoughts out of the way .. all my technical skills as a photographer seem to work in autopilot at this stage. I call this style of photography “wedding photography from the heart”.

I like your candid style. Do you take group shots as well?

Yes. I usually discuss this with couples during the pre-wedding consultation. Some couples like to a fixed set of group shots with a pre-arranged lists of guests who will be in each shot. Others prefer all the pictures to be completely candid with no group shots at all. And, of course, there are all the nuances in between. It all depends on the style of your wedding and your personal preferences.

Do you work outside London?

Yes. Although I am a London Wedding Photographer, I am more than happy to travel to destination weddings outside London the UK. I do not charge any extra for travelling within a 100 mile radius of where I live. Beyond that, there may be travel costs accommodation costs. Please contact me for additional information on prices.

Can you use Photoshop to make me look good?

Quite a few brides ask me this. What I will say is that, as a photographer, I can definitely make you look good. But I don't do it using Photoshop. I use my knowledge of light, angles, and the most flattering poses to make you look your best.

Having said that, I don't believe that beauty is only skin deep. And the joy and happiness that shines through on a bride's wedding day trumps any photographic techniques that I could apply.

How much do you charge?

My rates start from £995 for a full day wedding. Please contact me for further information.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. I have professional indemnity insurance for upto £1,000,000. Some venues stipulate this as a requirement.

Who made your website?

I get a lot of wedding photographers asking me that. I made this website myself. I have a background in computer programming and design, which helps.

What if you are ill on our wedding and can't make it?

This has never happened before.. touch wood. However, should any unforeseen circumstances prevent me from coming to a wedding, I am in contact with a network of top professional wedding photographers and it would not be a problem to ask somebody to cover for me.

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